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Here comes another fine Tower Defense Game. The Story is pretty generic. Your country is under attack by a very large invasion army. The enemy is using infantry, tanks and air units. Your goal is to defend on multiple fronts and destroy the attacking forces. On each front you will have to defend against many attack waves. After each wave you will have a few seconds to regroup. As the game progresses new units will become available.

At start you can only use a rather basic ground defense tower. Each tower can be upgraded and some towers do have special abilities. To buy towers and upgrades you will need money. The player will get a fixed amount of money for each front. Each creep will drop money after its destruction. You can invest this new money into your existing tower infrastructure or place new ones at good spots.

After some hours of testing i can say that Way of Defense is a very funny small Tower Defense Game. It is not overly complex but still offers enought depth to make it a very good game within the genre.

Way of Defense Game Area

Controls: Mouse to place towers, buy upgrades and perform airstrikes

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