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We wanna say thank you to players on our site and have released a nice little submarine shooter Unlimited Bullet. You dive into to the unknown to find ancient treasures. Instead of silver and gold a fight for your life is waiting for you. Something was hiding in the Abyss. For centuries those monsters lured treasure hunters into their domain. Will you finally defeat them?

Get ready for an intense bullet hell experience. To escape you will have to battle 7 very challenging sea monsters. Each moster has unique bullet and movement patterns. At start only Octoblub the first boss is available. Beat him to unlock Starien a very hostile sea star. Once you have beaten all monsters and the sea god a new game mode will be available.

The game offers 2 different game modes and 3 difficulty levels. For beginners the easy mode is the best way to start. The hard mode is only for experienced veterans and will pose a true challenge to every shoot em up fan. To unlock the Unlimited Mode you have to beat each boss with the normal difficulty setting.

We hope you will enjoy this new game and continue to visit our site. If you have any questions, bug reports or remarks for us send an email to: [email protected]

Unlimited Bullet Game Area

Controls: Mouse only

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