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Play Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem

Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem brings the Vietnam War back on the screen. You are the commander of a stormboat and your mission is to shoot down enemy soldiers, boats, airplanes, submarines and ground installations.

Your goal is to reach the end of each level. Your progress is indicated on the bar on the left. You will get attacked by soldiers. Sometimes they will be stationed in bunkers which will make it very hard to get them. The most dangerous targets are the enemy air force units. Sometimes you will get other naval units as reinforcements. The air force will also help you out.

The game is a vertical shoot em up. Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem is a fine wargame and your freetime will be good invested.

Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem Game Area

Controls: Arrow-Keys or WSAD to Move
Mouse to Aim
Left-Mouse-Button to shoot

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