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Play as an ex army expert and deal with crime syndicates in Stealth Sniper. Your goal is to reach the big boss and destroy his evil organization. Each mission will get you closer to the final boss but it will be a long way. A mission consists of 2 parts. At first you will have to take out the security service and than you have to fight the boss of each gang.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward but there are also some new gameplay elements included. You can use some objects of the environment such as poison gas containers to help you in your fight. You can collect extra points for headshots and situations where you are able to hide the body of your victims from the other gansters. If you miss some shots the gangsters will get aware of your presence. If you are discovered your mission has failed. The game offers 3 difficulty levels. As you progress new weapons will get unlocked.

At the end of the day this is one of the best sniping games available at the moment. Nice gfx, sound effects and the challenging gameplay will keep you busy for some hours!

Stealth Sniper Game Area

Mouse Aim, Left Button Shoot
E: Zoom in / Zoom Out
R: Reload and stop aiming
SPACE: Focus Mode

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