Play Sea Force

If you like naval strategy games Sea Force could be the right game for you. Collect resources, build up your fleet and complete your missions. Each mission will give you other objectives. This may be the collection of a certain amount of resources or the destruction of the enemy fleet or base.

Be careful as your ships can only be in one of 2 possible modes. In trade mode ships will collect resources from the selected island. They will not attack if they are in the trade mode. If you wanna send your vehicles out to destroy ships or attack an island you will have to switch to the attack mode. This is basically selecting a ship and sending it towards your target.

Sea Force is one of the better free online strategy games available on the web. Graphics are nice and the gameplay is very good. Play Sea Force and have some fun.

Sea Force Game Area

Controls: Space: Jump - Up-Arrow-Key: Accelerate - Down-Arrow-Key: Brake
Left-Arrow-Key: Left - Right-Arrow-Key: Right

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