Play Robot Revolt

In the near future robots stationed on a secret outpost suddenly become conscious and decide to revolt against their masters. To put the rebellion down the hidden masters send their bot army out to finish them off. Your mission is to defend the base against the incoming waves of enemies. At start the base only has basic defences. As the game progresses you will have the chance to upgrade your robot and the base.

You will get money for each destroyed bot. Use this money to upgrade your robot and your base. If a bot reaches your base it will cause damage to it. Each wave is led by a boss which will be very hard to defeat. Use up to 6 different weapons as well as special abilities and finally beat back the attackers.

This is a well done defense game. The Vector graphics are good and the gameplay is pretty addicting.

Robot Revolt Game Area

Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
1-6: Cycle Weapon
Spacebar: Orbital Strike (Must Be Unlocked First)
P: Pause

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