Play Rise of Pirates

Rise of Pirates reminds a lot of the great classic Sid Meiers Pirates!. You are a young adventurer and your target is to make a fortune and retire rich and early.

In total there are 3 different characters available. One of them can only be choosen once you have completed the game. Each of them has a special skill which will help you alot in the game. As the game start you will be approached by 2 people giving you a strange letter. Your brother is held hostage by an unknown stranger. You will have to rescue him. Many new quests will come up as you progress.

In control of your first ship you are seeking out to the sea. Your target is to enter and plunder merchants and other ships in your range. Upgrade your ship, sell the plunder, hire sailors Rise of Pirates really is a fine pirate simulation.

Rise of Pirates Game Area

Controls: Arrow-Keys: Move
Mouse to Aim, Left Mouse Button to Fire

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