Play Red Crucible 2

The cold war is back in Red Crucible 2. Choose your site and fight eighter on the American or Russian side. The game is an online first person shooter with a huge online audience. It reminds alot of Combat Arms. Most of the games features are playable for free. One of the key features which are often missing from similar games is the ability to use vehicles and air units. In some maps air supremacy is crucial to win. You do not have to register and can play as a guest.
At the start of each map you will be able to choose your site. Each site has special ground and air units available. There are restrictions to the number of players available on each map. Most maps are only for infantry and vehicles without air units. In most cases each teams has 8 players. Cooperate with your teammates and help each other out.

This is another great game using unity. The keyboard commands are pretty easy to learn. The gameplay and the features guarantee many hours of hard battles and exiting victories. Gain experience points and collect gold to buy new and better weapons. In total this is one of the best free mmofps available on the web!

Red Crucible 2 Game Area

This game needs the Unity Webplayer(free). You can download/install it from here: Unity 3D Webplayer download


Move: W, A, S, D
Look: Mouse/Trackpad
Crouch: C
Run: Shift/Q
Jump: Space
Fire: Left click
Zoom or Aim: F/Right-click
Camera mode: V
Reload: R
Operate: E
Switch Weapon: Number keys 1-3
Use Inventory items: Number keys 7-9
Switch Loadout: Alt + Number keys 1-8
Secondary Fire: Right-click or space
Fly: Space
Land: C
Menu: M
Inventory: I
Game Stats: Tab
Chat: Enter/Return
Team Chat: T
While in chat mode:,
Up/Down Arrow: Scoll chat
Left/Right Arrow: Change chat mode (all, team, friends)

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