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As a young adventurer your aim is to become rich and find hidden treasures. As there are not any good paying jobs around you finally decide to become a Pirate. You have heard rumors about a mysterious treasure the Neptuns Eye. This artefact promises infinite wealth to the one who is able to find it. The legend tells that it has been in possession of a very famose pirate. Unfortunatelly the pirate has disappeared and the Neptuns Eye has been put into pieces and spread to different places around the world.

Finally you have been able to become captain of a ship. You do not waste time and go for your first adventure. Destroy enemy ships and pick up the plunder. Search around for legendary other Pirates and sink them. Maybe you are lucky and find all pieces of the legendary artefact and solve its mysteries. There are 3 different ships available. You have to complete the game once to unlock the next ship. Very good action adventure.

Fans of Pirate Games should also take a look at this gem. PirateQuest is a free to play browser based game set in the Caribbean. Hoist your sails and set sail in this pirate game. Explore mysterious tropical islands and collect over 100 items. Build your character, collect items, explore a map of the Caribbean, and join up with friends.

Pirateers! Game Area

Controls: Arrow-Keys: Move
Space Bar to Fire

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