Play Metal Cavalry

Unity 3D brings great 3D effects to free online gaming. All you need to play games which are using this great new technology is to download the free Unity 3D Webplayer download.

Metal Cavalry is a very well done playable prototype showing the incredible power of the Unity technology. Normally i do not add demos but every rule has its exception.
You are a tank commander and your target is to break through enemy lines. You can change your position in the tank. The following positions are available: driver, gunner, mg or 3rd person. As the game starts the other side will attack you and your platoon. Be careful and do not shoot your own units! Cross the bridge and fight bunkers, tanks, rocket launchers and infantry. Sometimes the enemies are positioned very well and you will have to use your brain to get in a good shooting position.
Enjoy this great wargame and waste some hours on our site!

Metal Cavalry Game Area

This game needs the Unity Webplayer(free). You can download/install it from here: Unity 3D Webplayer download

Tank Movement: W,S,A,D
Turret Movement: Mouse
Fire Main Canon: Left Mouse/Alt
Fire Machine Gun: C
Change View: 1,2,3,4

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