Play Leaker

This is the first game made by us for YOU our players! 28 Levels are waiting for you. Your goal is to reach the server in each level. Sounds easy, right? Well to be hornest it only is easy in the first few levels. To raise the level of entertainment the AI is talking to your during the game. Please do NOT take it serious!

Leaker is a classic platform game. The difficulty level is slowly increasing. New obstacles and weapons are introduced after 5-7 Levels. It offers two different game modes: 100 Lifes and unlimited lives. Starts may begin with the unlimited Life mode as it is hard enought to finish the game. Pros should take a look at the 100 Lifes mode. If you can beat this game with 100 Lifes you clearly have something to show for.
If you notice some bugs or want to make a comment about the game (good or bad, both are welcome) please send us a mail to:

Leaker Game Area

Controls: Arrow-Keys: move
Up-Arrow: jump
Up-Arrow while jumping: double-jump

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