Play Hex Empire

Hex Empire finally brings a good hex wargame to online gaming. Panzer General and turn based strategy game fans should take a close look at Hex Empire.

4 Empires, a hexagonal playfield, turn based battles this are the ingredients of this great strategy war game. There is a huge amount of different maps. Three difficulty levels are waiting for you.
At first you pick one empire. At start you only have your capital and one army unit. Your target is to conquer the capitals of every other empire.
To enlarge your empire you have to conquer as much cities as you can. Each city will produce army units once you are in control of it. If you conquer harbors you will be able to ship your troops over the oceans. Harbors will not produce new troops. You may combine multiple units to stronger forces.

At the end of the day Hex Empires is a very addicting free online game. Be careful once you started you will spend lots of time with this strategy gem.

Hex Empire Game Area

Controls: Mouse

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