Play FA18 Hornet

Are you skilled enought to fly an FA18 Hornet? Training missions as well as combat missions are waiting for you. You should try the training missions first. You will learn all you need to actually move to the more challenging combat missions. The training section consists of 5 different missions. The first training mission seems simple as you just have to follow an enemy aircraft. After that you will train shooting air and ground targets. The last training mission will teach you how to evade enemy missiles. The actual combat missions are a bit harder. The first mission starts pretty easy. You have to follow your leader and than shoot an enemy fighter down. Later you will face alot more danger as the missions will get more complex and challenging.

The game reminds alot of the arcade classic Afterburner. The graphics are well done and the game has alot to offer for every jet fighter fan. Try out FA18 Hornet to play a nice free jet simulator.

FA18 Hornet Game Area

Controls: Mouse

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