Play Endless War 5

Battle the Nazis in North Africa, Greece, Germany and other places in World War 2. Many hard missions are waiting for you in this great action game. Move your vehicle towards the enemy targets. Be careful as they will shoot with heavy artillery, 8.8 Anti Air Guns and Tanks at you. Move fast and aim carefully.

You are not alone in this battle. Sometimes you will get air support and other help. In total there are 19 missions. Your battle starts in North Afrika. Your target is to crush Rommels Afrika Korps. After that you move forward into Italy. After that you have to liberate France and the Netherlands befor you finally move into German mainland!

The game is a top view wargame. You will get promoted if you do very good work. Another very important point is the upgrade system. After each mission you can upgrade your vehicle. Better armor, new weapons as well, better shells and even training for your crew can be selected. It is another highlight of the very popular Saga.

Endless War 5 Game Area

Controls: WSAD to Move
Mouse to shoot
F,G to switch weapon

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