Play Electronic Battleship

Here comes another fine Battleship Clone Electronic Battleship. The Gameplay is the same like the other Battleship games on this site. If you are not familiar with Battleship here is a short description: The game idea is pretty old and maybe you have even played it as a child. It is a two player game. The playfield typically is a 10 x 10 square. There are two phases of gameplay. The first is the positioning part. Both players secretly place their ships on the Battleship playfield. After this the guessing phase begins. Battleship is a turn based game. Each turn each player fires a shot by naming a certain cell on the playfield. If the opponent has placed a ship there you score a hit. Each ship type covers a different number of cells. Once all parts of a ship have been hit the ships sinks. Once a player has destroyed all enemy ships the game is over.

Electronic Battleship Game Area

Controls: Mouse

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