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Cruiser Battleship is a flash game that is based on the classic board game, Battleship, but if you are thinking that this is one of the millions of Battleship clones out there, you are in for a real surprise.

This time around, your enemy's guns are not the only things to worry about. When deploying your ships, you will have to make sure that they are not touching, and you will also have to keep them away from islands on the grid. There are also special items and weapons that can be used if you have enough money to afford them.

These items include mines to damage enemy vessels at the start of a round, to radar which can detect enemy ships, to a powerful plasma cannon that can even destroy the enemy aircraft carrier in one shot! If you like Battleship, but want something with a more modern taste, then Cruiser Battleship is just the game for you!

Cruiser Battleship Area

Controls: Mouse
Aim with your Mouse
Fire: Left Click

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