Play Critical Strike CS Portable

Unity 3D brings great 3D effects to free online gaming. All you need to play games which are using this great new technology is to download the free Unity 3D Webplayer download.

Get ready for the free web versions of one of the greatest games in gaming history. CS has made FPS go big on desktop computers back than. If you wanna ready more about the game take a look at Counter Strike Wikipedia.
CS Portable is a unity 3d game and a great clone of the pc version. You have to choose between good guys or bad guys. You can eighter play single player or multiplayer. Multiple game modes like Classic, Team DeatMatch or Zombie Survival.
The graphics are suitable and the gameplay is very fluend. Do not miss this great classic coming to your browser.

Critical Strike CS Portable Game Area

This game needs the Unity Webplayer(free). You can download/install it from here: Unity 3D Webplayer download

Movement: W,S,A,D
Aim and Shoot: Mouse
Reload: R
Chat: Y, Select Team: M, Select Bomb: 5
Select Gun: Mouse Roll, Hold left mouse: drop bomb, Detonate bomb: E

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