Play Black Navy War 2

Here comes Black Navy War 2 the 2nd part of the great naval strategy series. Black Navy War has found a huge amount of followers of time. Wargames come and go but some are here to stay. This Series is a good proof that graphics alone do not make a good game. Simple black and white graphics but exciting gameplay are waiting for you.

Your mission in Black Navy War 2 is again to destroy the enemy base. Your opponent will send waves of aircrafts and ships to destroy your fleet. Build up your defense and force back enemy forces. Once you have collected enought resources tried to build up your attack fleet while pushing back the enemy.

At the end this is a great successor of Black Navy War. 3 different difficulty levels, different gaming modes including a boss mode. Try out Black Navy War 2 you will not regret it.

Black Navy War 2 Game Area

Controls: Up-Down-Arrow-Keys: adjust battery
Left-Right-Arrow-Keys: move screen
Space: Start firing
Shift: End firing

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