Play Battleships Naval Tactics

Battleships Naval Tactics is a good online version of the famose pencil and paper game. The original Battleship game has found masses of players throughout the years. It basically is a simple guessing game. If you wanna read more about Battleship take a look at Battleship Wikipedia.

Battleships Naval Tactics starts with the positioning phase. The playfield consists of 100 cells with 10 rows and 10 columns. This Battleship version offers 5 different ship types. Each type occupies a different number of cells. Now you will have to position your ships by drag and drop on the battlefield. You can turn your ships after you have dropped them on the map by clicking on the left mouse button.

The actual fighting or battle phase is also pretty simple. In Battleships Naval Tactics you point on a cell and click to fire your weapon. If you hit an enemy ship you will have the chance to fire immediatelly again. Sink all 5 enemy ships and you will win the game in Battleships Naval Tactics.

Battleships Naval Tactics Game Area

Deployment: Drag and Drop Ship to the wanted position, Move the Mouse Cursor to the ship and press left button to turn
In Game: Left Mouse Button to Shoot

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