Play Awesome Seaquest

In Awesome Seaquest you must find a way to defeat the Red Army and lead the Blues to victory. This is the sequel to the Awesome Conquest game, which is now a battle on the sea. The evil Red Army has taken over the seas and you fight to regain your territory from them.

Use the map to target their resources and to choose your battles. Some of the resources are internet towers, treasure sites from shipwrecks and submarine locations. Start out by selecting the level of difficulty. You can select Easy, Hard or Extreme.

Then get to work figuring out which tactic is the best against different enemies. Send in your anti-aircraft or anti-submarine boats. Bit by bit you can build your navy and increase your stock of special weapons. Take your territory back from the Red Army in Awesome Seaquest.

Awesome Seaquest Game Area

Control: Mouse
Oil Rig: Earn Cash and Buy Riggers
War Room: Build Weaponry
Special Units: Buy, Sell and Store Special Units
Naval Base: Buy, Sell and Store Naval Units
Battle: Fire with the Mouse

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