Play Awesome Tanks 2

Here comes the sequel to the excellent Awesome Tanks game. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: Battle with other tanks in a small arena or level and destroy them all. Your enemies will leave money for you to collect. You can buy new weapons or upgrades for your vehicle with it. The are obstacles and useful objects in each level. You can destroy the wooden boxes and sometimes they will drop some coins. Some objects are blocking certain areas in each round. You may destroy them to advance further. Other items can be used to cause damage to your enemies.
You may also use the environment for tactical purposes. Hide behind walls and fall other tanks in the back. Wait until a vehicle moves by a fuel tank and destroy it in the right moment.

This free game is definitely worth a look. It is very similar to the first part but this is by no means a problem. The new levels are well designed and make lots of fun. All in all this is a very entertaining wargame. The main goal is to finish each level and collect as much coins as possible to buy all available upgrades. There is even a level editor available so players can create their own levels!

Awesome Tanks 2 Game Area

Movement: W,S,A,D or Arrow-Keys to Move
Left Mouse Button to Shoot
Space or 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to change weapon

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