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With Army Force Online comes another fine Unity 3D FPS. The game has just been released in August 2013 and the audience is growing since then. The current version is still Beta but bugfixes are coming out fast. At the moment there are 3 maps available: Industria, Bunker and Courtyard. The number of players per game is limited to 12. The game offers 5 diffent game modes. The modes are: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Control Points, Elimination and Last Man Standing. Most modes are team based.
Increase your experience points to level up. Collect money and buy a better weapons.

Gameplay is very solid and the game can pretty much match with others of the genre. The maps are exiting and they offer a wide range of different situations from tunnel warfare to sniper battles. All in all a very promising new fps. We hope you will like it!

Army Force Online Game Area

This game needs the Unity Webplayer(free). You can download/install it from here: Unity 3D Webplayer download

Movement: W,S,A,D, Jump: Space, Run:Shift, Crouch: C
Shoot: Left Mouse, Aim: Right Mouse Button
Reload: R
Chat: T, Send Chat Message: Enter
Select Gun: Mouse Roll, Pick up Gun: F

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